Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gold, Silver CME Delivery Notice Update 3/8/12

  • 8 delivery notices issued for gold for 3/9/12 delivery, with 5 contracts issued, and 3 stopped by JPM
  • 0 delivery notices issued for silver for 3/9/12 delivery
  • 40 gold contracts and 475 silver contracts remain outstanding that stood for delivery February 29th

    Month to date delivery totals below:

    Silver Contracts Stopped Month to Date: 1,132 (5,660,000 ounces)
    Gold Contracts Stopped Month to Date: 623 (62,300 ounces)

    For those needing refresher on the COMEX technical jargon:

    - A term indicating that a delivery notice was given to the buyer. In delivery reports, COMEX shows both how many Delivery Notices were 'issued' (the short notifying that they would be delivered) and 'stopped' (the long receiving the delivery notice).