Friday, March 30, 2012

Dennis Gartman tells CNBC 'They' are 'Making it Difficult to Remain Bullish on Gold'

Analyst Dennis Gartman wrote in his letter this morning that today we want to try and remain bullish (on gold) but they are making it more difficult.  Major trend remains in gold's favor and I'm dismayed by the sell off on Wednesday".  CNBC invited Gartman on this afternoon, and asked the analyst who exactly he meant by 'they'.
Gartman's response:  'who knows, but somebody is making it very difficult'.Awareness of cartel suppression of gold and silver manipulation has nearly reached the mainstream folks.  The fact that Dennis Gartman, a long scoffer in GATA's statements that gold and silver are being manipulated, all but admitted as much himself in a CNBC interview is most telling, and has major implications for the success of the cartel's PM manipulation efforts going forward.

Interview below: