Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ABC Posts Results of Tuesday's GOP Primary...MONDAY NIGHT!!!

ABC has just one-upped the BBC's reporting of Tower 7's collapse 15 minutes prior to the controlled demolition on 9/11.  Tuesday, 3/20/12 is the Illinois GOP Primary election. 
Interestingly, ABC has posted the results of the primary prior to a single vote being cast, reporting 3% of the vote for Ron Paul with 100% of precincts reporting.
How nice of ABC to provide us free use of its flux capacitor technology to see the future of primary voting.  The Doc could use some help with his bracket as well, perhaps ABC could lend a hand?
*Update 2:01 AM EST: Less than 25 minutes after our post, the ABC page cannot be found

As of 01:37 am EST 3/20/12 these results are still live on ABC's website- click here to see for yourself

And as of 2:00 AM EST, less than 25 minutes after we captured a screen shot, the page can no longer be found:

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