Friday, February 3, 2012

Turd Interviews ShadowStats' John Williams

Our friend Turd at TFMetalsreport has released an excellent podcast with ShadowStats' John Williams.  John discusses his prediction for a hyper-inflationary depression hitting the US by 2014.

Boy oh boy, do I ever have a timely treat for you today. Back on Thursday, I was able to visit with John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics. In light of today's heavily-manipulated BLSBS report, I'd say this podcast is rather timely.
As most of you know, my college degree is in Econ so getting a chance to visit with John was a real pleasure. I mention at the end of the podcast that I could have gone on speaking with him for another hour or two but, in respect of his time, I had to cut us off after just 30 minutes. Please take the time to listen to the entire thirty minutes, though. The information that John provides, particularly near the end of the podcast as he discusses the CPI and the coming "hyper-inflationary depression", is extremely important.
Click here to listen