Monday, February 20, 2012

Reports: Blankfein Leaving Goldman Sachs by Summer

Every few years Goldman Squid CEO's graduate and move on to more important job functions for The Company. 
Please join us in a Graduation Celebration for Lloyd at 2 O'clock in the afternoon on the 2nd of May, in the Year of Our Lord, 2012.

In other news, the Treasury Department is nearing a 20 year package with Mr. Blankfein including a record signing bonus, full no-trade clause, private jet and suite, and partial ownership in the agency- pending a physical.

Lloyd Blankfein may step down as chief executive of Goldman Sachs as early as this summer; and president and chief operating officer Gary Cohn is the lead candidate to replace him, according to a Goldman executive and a source close to the firm...
Corporate governance experts have emphasized that leadership changes at the nation's largest financial institutions go a long way toward helping those firms move past the troubles - particularly the reputational damages – wrought by the financial crisis. The feisty Blankfein, the son of a postal worker who grew up in Brooklyn, is one of the only big bank CEOs to have kept his job after the financial crisis. The other is Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase.
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