Monday, February 27, 2012

Guest Post: What Needs to be Done to End the Manipulation? What Are We Waiting For?

SD reader CChuck has submitted a rant discussing the implications to society as a whole when the current Western fiat financial system finally collapses, and asks What Needs to be Done to End the Manipulation? What Are We Waiting For?

What needs to happen to break the manipulation?
Do we really need to wait for the masses to get involved?
Algos breaking down?
Waiting for the US elections to be over?
Another black swan, Fukushima wasn't enough, Iran needs to be involved now?
Greece default?
Everything is out of whack, getting worse day by day, we are nowhere close to an end of the current economic system. (LTRO, QE??, CDS and who knows what will be made up next month) These will continue forever, are we fighting a fight that is not winnable? (In today's world)

If Sprott expects this to be the decade for silver, the masses will not be able to endure the economic hardships forthcoming to survive the decade.
Government numbers and statistics (CDO's, unemployment, bailouts, derivatives, inflation, anything) don't matter because they are all fake.

Even if the last bar of silver is not deliverable who cares? Things need to be changed on so many levels it is almost uncountable. We shouldn't have to wait for that moment.

The truth needs to be voiced and "IF" and this is a big "IF" it gets out, so much of our current structure will be altered, not for the worse but for the better.
Once the truth about silver comes out, how many other lies and distortions will fall after that?
Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Government, Medicine, Education, History, Technology and the list goes on. This is what you are up against, not merely a few banksters keeping the price suppressed.

Pretty much when this happens (and it should have happened already an infinite amount of times already, with price suppression, manipulation, leverage, masses running to save their life savings, central bank purchases, government intervention to return to sound money), prices in real terms will surpass anything said in this day and age even with the most optimistic views.

I balk at the idea of mere gold $20,000, silver $4,000 in today's real purchasing power.

The new economic system which will be let loose will not be to enlighten but to frighten the people even more as a last ditch effort, and when that happens then we will know that the end is upon us. Such will be the largest financial event the world will ever witness.

The people of Greece are not even close to the end, this is the start of the new economic system to be accepted around the world.

"Everyone to suffer for the greater good of fiscal responsibility "is the new mantra.
If we are close to the end and the new age beginning, at the current rate of human progression, 2015 is the "End of the world" as we know it.
Something all people will be looking forward to, a true awakening.

My minimum price targets: (Keeping with the status quo)

Gold $20,000
Silver $4,000

Max. ( This is "IF" we have an awakening)

Gold ~$65,000
Silver ~$110,000 (First metal to be extinct, approx. 14 yrs. at current consumed rates and other cool stuff too like electro conductivity, novel medical applications, and well you all know the rest)

In today's current dollars, CURRENT purchasing power.

This is a bigger thing than what I think anybody out there is realizing.
This is the greatest time of human history to ever be alive, and I think there will be a true awakening.
(Or people will just keep getting screwed over for the rest of mankind like before)-unlikely this time around.
So my question again is what needs to be done to end this manipulation? What are we waiting for?