Thursday, February 9, 2012

Greek Political Leaders Reach Austerity Deal

Let's Make a Deal!
Mario Draghi has just announced the Greeks have accepted the new austerity terms.  And by Greeks, we mean their bankster leaders. 
The real Greeks meanwhile have erupted into national riots.

Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos and his coalition partners have struck a deal on new cuts demanded by creditors to secure a vital €130 billion ($172.39 billion) bailout.

A spokeswoman for the prime minister's office said the agreement with the majority Socialists and the conservatives will allow alternative cuts to those rejected early Thursday during a meeting of the three coalition party leaders.
Although all the other cuts demanded by Greece's eurozone partners and the International Monetary Fund were approved, party leaders had balked at new pension cuts.
After nearly two years of austerity policies, the deal would cut spending by more than €3 billion in 2012, further slash retiree pension benefits and reduce the minimum wage by 22%.
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