Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For Whom Does Gold Glitter?

The question is - if the writers of this article obtained this information, than so can the .gov & national security folks!  An article looking into the demographics of PM buffs.  Unfortunately, they didn't include explosion on to the screen in their statistics.  As a point of reference, SD percent growth in unique visitors is up over 300% in the last 6 months!  Thank you for your continued support of SD and welcome to the newbies earning their stripes in the comment section.

 For Whom Does Gold Glitter?  
  By Frank Findley - February 7, 2012

As the best performing asset classes of the past decade, silver and gold have been hot topics on the financial news scene.  But how widespread is the interest in this investment choice, and what do we know about the investors who do show interest in these precious metals?  To answer these questions we applied to investments the same behavioral research techniques pioneered by comScore for understanding consumer brands. 

As an initial gauge of interest, we looked at visitation to websites focused on precious metals.  We found that the number of unique visitors to these sites have exploded, with many experiencing double- and triple-digit percent growth.
Precious Metals Focused Website Percent Growth in Unique Visitors*
(Sep. 2011 vs. Sep. 2010) +75% +93% +120% +132% +244%
*Source: comScore Media Metrix
We also took a look at these visitors’ demographic makeup.  Take for example, a website that acts as a precious metals news aggregator as well as an up-to-the-minute silver coinage valuator.  A snapshot of their December 2011 visitation demographics shows a broad-based distribution with skews typical of investment sites: males, older, and higher household income.

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