Friday, February 10, 2012

FBI Warns Cafe Owners of Customers Paying Cash for Coffee- 'Potential Terrorists'

As if the DHS and it's 'See Something, Say Something' citizen snitch campaign wasn't enough, The Doc has discovered that the FBI has begun their own Citizen Snitch program, circulating 25 “Communities Against Terrorism” Suspicious Activity Reporting Flyers to the likes of coffee shops, malls, storage facilities, rental car companies, hobby shops, paintball parks, electronic stores, boat shops, financial institutions, construction companies, fuel get the point.

The suspicious activities the snitchers are supposed to report include Paying for morning coffee using cash (nearly all 25 of the fliers list using cash as a suspicious activity), using google maps to view sporting venues or large cities, and applying for scuba lessons.
The FBI informs store owners they should require Valid ID for all new customers, record license plates, and call the FBI hotline to report the terroristic activity of using a Federal Reserve Note to purchase your morning cup o' Joe.
Check out all of the suspicious activities the FBI wants you to begin snitching on for yourself below.