Sunday, February 5, 2012

BOA Refuses to Accept Cash for Mortgage Payment, Calls Local Police Who Detain Man

Apparently BOA will not accept cash payments on mortgages.  This should be good for their PR.

Feb 3 2012 Bank of America Lakeport, Ca. I attempted to make a cash payment on our mortgage, the manager refused to take the cash saying it was against bank policy.
I was shocked, had no idea this would happen, since when does a bank not accept cash... Right! When I protested, the manager called the Lakeport poilce dept. After being detained for about 1/2 hour and nearly arrested for shooting video inside the bank the cops decided to let me go.
The BofA manager made a complaint against me and had the cops inform me that I am "no longer welcome inside the Lakeport branch of Bank of America." Also that if I "ever attempted to enter the branch again I WILL be arrested!"
So apparently Bank of America DOES NOT accept American cash dollars as a form of payment on mortgages in AMERICA!