Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Big Thank You to Our 3 Millionth Reader

A big thank you to the recent visitor to SilverDoctors.com who happened to be our 3 millionth reader. (Thank you to the other 2,999,999 of you as well who have stopped by since our first post on March 18th of 2011!)
We'd like to especially thank our regular readers and those who consistently educate and enlighten all of us with your thoughts and comments- SilverDoctors wouldn't be the same without you and the value each of you adds to this community.  As we transition to the new site in the coming weeks, we hope that this platform will only continue to improve both in function, content, and in the value added to the site by all of the amazing readers in this community.  We have a few things up our sleeve we're pretty excited about rolling out, we appreciate your patience as we handle the unforeseen glitches and implementation of the new platform.
A Big Thank You to each of you from The Doc & Bull Run.