Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Better 'Halftime in America' Commercial

The creator of the original Quantitative Easing Explained bears video has released a better Halftime in America Commercial that digs deep and goes back to America's roots, and the IDEALS this country was founded upon.

We should remember that this was a country not founded by people, but by an IDEAL.  An ideal that never accepted a handout, and would never accept a bailout.  An ideal that understood that prosperity can only be earned, not created.
Did we sell out all the kids in all the garages in exchange for some body, that appointed a panel, that selected a committee?
Halftime is almost over in America and before we retake the field we should ask ourselves, which playbook do we want to go out with?  The old one that's HARD but brought us this far, or the other one, that's born of nothing but GREED and FEAR.  It's YOUR choice, America.