Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where Were the Buyers When Silver Was at $26!?!

Remember 3 short weeks ago when all of the silver community was screaming for imminent $10 silver and $1200 gold?  We reported a bottom was near when sentiment on SilverDoctors was at an all-time bearish high gauged by negative and hostile comments on the site and emails sent to The Doc- silver bottomed the next day at $26
My what a difference 3 weeks makes as silver investors are now piling back into silver near $33.50- a full $7.50 or 29% above recent lows
This is why we advise to STACK THE SMACK, and accumulate PROFESSIONALLY INTO PRICE WEAKNESS, rather than attempting to cherry pick the exact bottom of a correction.
The further silver corrects, the more your emotions will convince you silver is headed lower, and fear will keep you on the sidelines waiting for a 'safer' entry point- 99 times out of 100 causing you to miss accumulating into price weakness entirely, and instead chasing into the ensuing price rally.
STACK THE SMACK, don't chase the pop!