Tuesday, January 3, 2012

US Mint Sells 3.2 Million Silver Eagles First Business Day of 2012!!!

United States Mint logo
Did the US Mint just 'fat-finger' their Silver Eagle sales totals for the first business day of 2012!?!
On the first business day of October, we alerted readers that the US Mint sold an astounding 3/4 million ounces of silver in a single day
Well, the US Mint shattered this total today, selling 3,197,000 Silver Eagles, nearly 10% of the 2011 record sales total of 39.8 million ON THE FIRST BUSINESS DAY OF 2012!!!
That is not a typo, you read that correctly. 
The US Mint today sold 3.2 MILLION Silver Eagles, nearly the COMBINED TOTAL for all of November and December combined, and higher than ANY MONTHLY TOTAL since September 2011! 
To put this number in perspective, the US Mint's Silver Eagle sales totals for the 1st business day of 2012 were 50% of the January 2011 record MONTHLY sales total of 6.4 million, and greater than the MONTLY totals for March, April, July, October, November, and December during the Mint's sales record 2011 year.
3.197 million ounces in a single day!!!!!
Apparently when Americans log into their computers after a 2-week holiday and see the price of silver in the $26-$28 range they raid the US Mint shelves (via Gainesville, APMEX, and local shops) like the gaming crowd on the first day of the Play Station 4 release!

2012 Silver Sales Totals (in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 3,197,000
Total 3,197,000

Compare to 2011 Sales totals:

2011 Silver Sales Totals (in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 6,422,000
February 3,240,000
March 2,767,000
April 2,819,000
May 3,653,500
June 3,402,000
July 2,968,000
August 3,679,500
September 4,460,500
October 3,064,000
November 1,384,000
December 2,009,000
Total 39,868,500