Sunday, January 15, 2012

Contrasting Mitt Romney and Ron Paul's Top Campaign Contributors

We thought readers might be interested in a comparison of Ron Paul's top 10 campaign donors vs. Mitt Romney's top campaign donors. 
Romney's top 10 list reads like the line-up for the Fed's discount window, while Paul's does not include a single banking institution.  And you wonder why the mainstream media is doing everything they can to marginalize Ron Paul?

From Open Secrets

And Ron Paul's Top Contributors

US Army $78,056
US Navy $56,769
US Air Force $55,405
Google Inc $52,801
Microsoft Corp $47,923
US Postal Service $26,591
Hewlett-Packard $25,318
Lockheed Martin $23,425
Cisco Systems $23,007
Boeing Co $22,434
Verizon Communications $19,944