Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blythe is Adding to her Stack for FREE

 Please remember your suitcase of $1 million worth of gold before leaving the train station or they will be claimed by the Morgue and put in the lost (forever) and found.

Mystery gold ingots found on Paris train go unclaimed

 A suitcase containing 20kg (44 lbs) of gold bars has been found on a train near Paris.

The bomb squad was called in after an employee found a suspect package on board the RER train at Massy-Palaiseau station on Thursday.
The case was found to contain 20 ingots, with a value of around 800,000 euros ($1m; £670,000) should they prove to be genuine gold.



PARIS Jan 3 (Reuters) - A stash of gold-coloured ingots found on a suburban train in France last week and thought to be worth close to 800,000 euros ($1.04 million) have turned out to be fakes and police are investigating the possibility they could be part of a scam.
Bomb experts called in to defuse a suspect package on a suburban train on the southern edge of Paris on Friday found the object to be a locked metal box containing what appeared to be 20 kg (44 lb) of gold bars.
The discovery made waves in French media, prompting speculation as to who could have "mislaid" the bounty, and above all who would get to keep it if the owner could not be found.