Saturday, December 3, 2011

Preview of Corzine Congressional Testimony Over MF Global

Yesterday, the House Agriculture Committee moved to subpoena former MF Global head Jon Corzine over the theft of missing client funds at MF Global. 

The Doc has obtained a preview of how this testimony is likely to go down.

Sir, is it true you were the head of a major US financial institution and were not registered with FINRA?

Ah, I plead the 5th!

Sir, would you tell us about the cartel you dealt with in your time stealing MF Global client funds?

Um, no, but I can tell you that I plead the fifizeth!

Exactly how much gold and silver did you steal from MF Global clients?

There are so many amendments in the Constitution of the United States of America- I can only choose one- 5th!!!!!  Tell my boy Barack I'll meet him this afternoon at the FIFTH!!!!!