Monday, December 19, 2011

JP Mogran's Jaime Dimon Threatened Jon Corzine with Death

According to Max Keiser in an interview conducted by, Jaime Dimon threatened Jon Corzine with death in order to receive money out of MF Global's customers accounts prior to MF Global going bankrupt.

Max Keiser, "This is what I am hearing, basically, over at MF Global is that Corzine, of course, being someone that does not know how to run a brokering agency, a business. He was speculating in his firm MF Global he rang up a billion, uh, a billion a half dollars and it was going to come to the point that he was going to have to call his creditors which in this case, JP Morgan, and tell them he was going to go bankrupt that he wouldn't make good on that collateral.  At which point, Jaime Dimon told Jon Corzine either take that money out of your customer accounts or we'll kill you.  So he threatened to kill Corzine if he didn't take the money out of the customer accounts."