Wednesday, December 14, 2011

JB Slear Weighs in on the PM Smash, $2,000 Gold

JB Slear weighs in for SD readers this morning on the fear gripping the PM market today, the liquidity crunch, and Roubini's call that we'll never see G2K.
There's a difference of opinion in everything. Take for example Mr. Roubini, he posts his opinion and is willing to defend his paradigm, I wish him the best. I'll listen to the real people who have been thru this fiasco back in the '80's and the training his father gave him in regards to global currencies and the monetary system as a whole. That being Jim Sinclair, he knows more about the global monetary crisis than all these anti-gold traders combined. If one ignores the manipulations the currencies have on all markets, doesn't deserve my time to read his/her viewpoint.
Stay focused o' confused traders, this latest correction in the middle of Triple Witch Week could be the lowest before the biggest climb in history. How many traders are in the pits now that the holidays are here? Let's just forget that little tidbit along with the obvious slowing down of deliveries ....another one of those "let us forget"s We have a 10 year bull move in precious metals already under our belts and a major decline in all paper products as well. I wish Mr. Roubini the best, and all of you a Merry Christmas, I will stay well rested in Precious Metals Call Options as I continue to accrue more positions ....