Friday, December 2, 2011

Is Jamie Dimon About to be Indicted by Interpol Over $50 Billion in Laundered MF Global Derivatives?

Readers have inundated The Doc this morning with rumors that have gone viral that Jamie Dimon is being investigated and is about to be indicted by Interpol over laundering $50 billion of the missing MF Global clients' assets into three European banks, which were allegedly used to purchase $200 Billion in Euro currency derivatives in an effort to prop up the collapsing Euro.
Here is the story:

The collateral for this latest Ponzi Scheme is $50 BILLION of overlapping derivatives tied to the alleged $1.2 BILLION of missing MF Global funds that J. P. Morgan and their financial terrorist Jamie Dimon laundered through Barclays Bank of England.
P.S. The financial World War is escalating and we will now divulge that IMF President Christine LaGarde, along with European INTERPOL, has frozen the $50 BILLION of MF Global derivatives tied to J. P. Morgan and has informed alleged President Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro, as well as corrupt U. S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, that European INTERPOL will soon indict financial terrorist Jamie Dimon of J. P. Morgan for currency fraud, counterfeiting and money laundry.
We can now divulge that Fed Chairman Bernanke, along with current U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and former BushFRAUD Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, were all involved in this scheme, including laundering the $1.2 BILLION of alleged missing MF Global assets, from the J. P. Morgan custodial account in New York to three European banks and now sits in the secret Chinese government hedge fund account named "Hampton Lampoon".
The $1.2 BILLION has now been turned into over $200 BILLION of 24-hour derivatives, which were used to buy euro currency and Japanese yen, as well as gold and silver futures on the New York comex exchange and the Hong Kong commodity exchange.
At this hour the Japanese government has informed the Chinese to immediately liquidate their positions and return the funds to Luxembourg banking institutions, which were used by the Fed, the ECB and the Chinese central banks that engaged in this worldwide money laundry aka PONZI SCHEME.
Word is out that the Japanese will soon intervene to depreciate the yen and smash the Chinese yuan.

After some research The Doc appears to have traced the origins of the reports to Tom Heneghan's Intel Blog
Not the NY Times or Zerohedge, so we'll let our readers determine the validity of said report themselves, but we couldn't resist posting a story about Interpol investigating Jamie Dimon!  Let's hope Tom's Intel is even remotely accurate, but we wouldn't hold our breath for the cartel indicting their own boy Dimon.