Friday, December 16, 2011

Is the Cartel Moving Silver Manipulation from the COMEX to the SLV?

Much has been made about the CFTC's ruling to implement position limits in silver, in compliance with the Frank/Dodd legislation.  Many precious metals advocates (The Doc included) do not expect the cartel to simply roll over and end the silver manipulation, just because Congress passed some ole law (the purpose of which was actually an attempt to prevent another run-up in oil prices by those evil "speculators").  We noted in today's COT report that the commercials covered another 11 million ounces worth of short positions in the week ending 12/13.  Expect to see even more of these shorts covered during Wednesday and Thursday's smash when next week's COT report is released.  With the commercials covering substantial amounts of their silver shorts into price weakness, just the opposite has been occurring in the main paper silver vehicle, SLV.
The latest short interest update for SLV shows that there are currently 25.2 million shares of SLV sold short, up 9.67% from 22.98 million shares sold short in the previous report.

As the CFTC positions limit ruling does not affect the selling short of SLV shares, will the cartel shift to massively shorting the SLV during US trading hours, and focusing their futures market efforts on the LBMA and the HKMEx?

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