Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ann Barnhardt: "Get the Hell Out of All Paper"

For those who haven't listened to it yet (or read the transcript), Jim Puplava's interview with Ann Barnhardt is literally the most explosive interview of the year- and is a MUST LISTEN!

Ann states that MF Global has destroyed the integrity of the entire system, and it is time to GET THE HELL OUT OF ALL PAPER ASSETS!  She also states that we have literally progressed to the point where the world's central banks are attempting to kick the can down the road for a few more days at a time, and she will be surprised if we make it till Christmas.

Well get the hell out. Get out of all paper and it's not just the commodities markets. This is going to cascade through everything. It is going to get into the equities. It is going to get into 401ks and IRAs, it is going to get into pension plans and so on and so forth. Total systemic collapse. Get out!

I don’t know how I can be anymore plain about this. I say this over and over and over again and then I get scads of emails saying, well I can’t get out of my 401k. Yes, you can. Yes, you can. Take the penalty and get the hell out of there. What would you rather do? Would you rather pay the 10% penalty or would you rather have it all go up in smoke? Because that's what we're staring down the barrel of...
What I saw this morning, what the Fed is getting ready to do in terms of Europe, is keep Europe going for another seven days. Well, fantastic. Thanks for that. That is literally the brain dead mindset of these politicians. All they are doing is looking to kick the can down the road. At first it was kick the can down another 10, 12 years. Then it is kick the can down the road for another year. And then it was well, let’s kick the can down the road for another few months. Now we're literally to the point where all we can do is kick the can down the road for a matter of a few days. It's not going to make it. I will be very surprised if we make it until Christmas.

The rest of Ann Barnhardt's rant and full transcript of her interview with The Financial Sense Newshour can be found here:

The audio version can be found here:

And SD reader AGXIIK's take on the interview:

I just listened to Ann's entire dialogue and it 's worse than the post a few days ago when she said she was closing her firm.
She circled the wagons on Corzine, BHO and the whole group of crypto-klepto Fascist/Maxists.
Here is my take and recommendation

Cloward and Piven, along with Saul Alinski (Rules for Radicals) have been the mentors of this president for 30 years. Alinski thinks a body count of 25,000,000 Americans is acceptable
The reduction of Canadian sovereignty plays into this too. Lots of open space for the enemy. Sens Levin and McCain just got the home grown terrorist bill passed. But I digress.

Obama and his Marxist czars come up with the plan to collapse THE System. Corzine, an intimate of Obama, is given an outline of a plan that will precipitate the collapse of our financial system. It begins with Corzine's intentional massive multi billion dollar bet that the Euro/greek debt would be bailed out. He knows it won't get a bailout since that fix is in but goes along with the plan. His reward is the opportunity to loot MF Global of $1 billion or so. JPM gets the Phyzz.
JPM gets the ECB to call the Greek bad bond failure a 'haircut instead of a default. With a haircut JPM loses maybe $5 billion in Greek bond value instead of the $50 billion they would lose as the guarantor of that debt default. $5 billion? A reasonable loss given the worst case scenario. I am sure JPM will be be made whole with some sort of counter party remuneration along the way.
Corzine goes underground and this massive sum of money simply disappears. If $700,000,000,000 in stimulus money can flow away like water into sand, I expect that $1,000,000,000 would be easy to make disappear. My bank made $900,000,000 disappear in bonds back in 1990. No one went to jail then either.
This utter disregard for the rule of law puts the fear of god into every trader. No one is safe. More firms, Jefferies being a good example, see themselves prey to these predatory actions. The inflection point of MF Global begins the slow collapse that will accelerate in the next few weeks or months.
The best case scenarios of Cloward, Piven and Alinsky begins to unfold in front of our eyes.

One comment that Ann made, and one certainly not made flippantly since women don't talk of using assault rifles, is that we go to physical assets.
She recommends building a wall of prepper basics including food, water, meds, metals, guns and ammo. She left out a good BOB. I can see why she would think that way.
If you know cattle, cattlemen and feed yards, and I have been to and seen a few, the rough and tough need not apply. I am sure Ann has picked some manure from her boots in her time. Cattlemen don't appreciate city slickers, particularly women, on their ranges. Get on your jeans and shit kickers and smell the smell, girl. And Ann did. She smelled this rat like the foul little rodent he is.

That said, if she is half right, we are only half dead in paper.
I will admit that I am a uber prepper. Sometimes I think I am one MRE away from being an episode of Hoarders. My wife is extremely patient She is on the same page as me too.
That's about all I have to say this evening. Have a good weekend, Doc. I'm taking some time off I hope the world doesn't go THIAHB