Friday, November 25, 2011

Turd Ferguson Interview With Silver Guru Ted Butler

These days Ted Butler interviews are few and far between as his time is mainly devoted to his subscription only newsletter.  Butler remains THE premiere silver analyst in The Doc's opinion, and we highly recommend his subscription service, as well as taking the time to read/ listen to any of Butler's material made available to the general public. 
TFMetals has published an interview with the silver guru from earlier in the week, and Butler has also allowed TFMetals to publish his weekly subscription analysis from 11/19.
A Black Friday treat for all silver investors.

As always, my suggestion to switch from gold to silver and to buy silver with fresh cash is intended on a metal for metal switch or on a money on the barrel basis. In other words, no borrowing and no leverage. Yes, I understand the silver price action looks punk. I also understand that silver investor sentiment is weak, with countless stories suggesting a silver price smash dead ahead. But I also understand that in any investment the best time to buy is when things look rotten. The alternative is to wait until things look and feel better. Of course, that usually means buying at much higher prices, when confidence is restored and everyone is feeling fine.

 As long as the facts point to an undervaluation in silver, both on an absolute basis and relative to gold, those facts will override sentiment on a long term basis. Sentiment can change a lot easier than facts can change. It doesn’t seem that way in the midst of brutal price takedowns, but history has shown that the best time to buy silver is after it has been smashed in price. This applies to many investments, but none more so than silver, given its manipulated price state. As always, it’s vital to view the facts objectively.

For those wishing to subscribe, Butler's subscription service can be found here:

Many of Butler's articles on silver are absolute classics and can be found in's archives as well which are easily found using google and/or the SilverSeek archives.