Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some Evidence of Today's PM Raid for the Doubting Thomas

After numerous readers commented and emailed complaining regarding this afternoon's post observing the blatant cartel manipulation to stuff gold back below $1800 and silver below $35 after the COMEX session ended, I sat down tonight to give further evidence to support this claim.
When you have watched silver and gold's price movements hourly for the past 15 years, you can spot a cartel raid from a mile away.  It's kind of like pornography...you know it when you see it.  Explaining to others how to see it takes a little more time and effort.
Our friend Turd from TFMetalsreport has done such an exquisite job this evening charting this blatant occurrence of manipulation that rather than duplicate his fine efforts, we refer you to today's PM manipulation, exhibit A.

Tuesday afternoon, Globex raids are commonplace for The Evil Empire. Once the CFTC completes their weekly CoT survey, the criminals are free to act, knowing that they have a full week to cover any new short position that might establish.
Frankly, you could see it coming. Right after gold blew through 1800 and silver recaptured 35, the metals began to sell off. Not a sharp selloff, mind you, just continual selling into the close. At the time, you had to wonder why the metals were going down. Well, now we know. The Forces of Darkness obviously tipped off a few of their "friends" that a raid was coming and those with this inside knowledge gladly moved out of the way. How can I make such a claim? Well, look at these charts.


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