Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Single Mother of 2 Loses Everything in MF GLOBAL Client Theft, Will Soon be on the Streets Thanks to JPM

Not every MF Global account holder who had their assets illegally seized by Corzine et al. has 7 figure plus net worth such as Gerald Celente and can afford the raping.
There are likely thousands of victims such as this single mother of 2 who wrote The Doc advising that they will likely end up in the streets as they lost everything in the MF Global fiasco.
PLEASE do yourself a favor and remove every dime from the rigged fiat casino that YOU CANNOT 100% AFFORD TO LOSE.  If you choose to gamble with play money you can afford to live without, that is completely your own prerogative.  If your family depends on the assets for survival however, take the step today to convert it to PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER HELD IN YOUR OWN POSSESSION!
Please take this as a warning and take preventative steps NOW to ensure you can provide for your family when TSReallyHTF.

Jenny writes:
I had a small account at MF Global. I am a single mom of 2 young children. My partner just left us. He was supporting us. We are broke now. Called to get my money and they said it was frozen they couldn't give me a dime. They said money is insured by government. Now its not. They said it was safe like a bank. Now it's gone. how can I get my money before JPMorgan & Chase? We are going to be in the streets. Why can't they pay me my little bit of money first? JPMorgan would not miss it. Who can help?