Sunday, November 13, 2011

Silver Update: Something Fishy- Part 2

BrotherJohnF is back with Part 2 of his Silver Update: Something Fishy- discussing the credibility of The Silver Institute's Silver Update. BrotherJohn cuts through the MOPE (management of perspective economics) in the Silver Institute's report and points out several discrepancies within the Silver Institute's own data.
Of note is the SI's report of silver accumulation by European dealers, who have accumulated 600 million ounces of silver from 2005 to 2010 according to the Silver Institute.  BrotherJohn uses the SI's own statistics to demonstrate the fact that the 750 million ounces supposedly held by these European dealers and ETF's such as the SLV are completely UNACCOUNTED FOR in the Silver Institute's own update- meaning the SI's update reports over 750 million ounces of world silver supplies that are likely NONEXISTENT! 
Part 1 of Something Fishy can be found here.
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