Thursday, November 3, 2011

Silver Supply Deficit Solved- Silver is Recoverable From Landfills Afterall!

See? JP Morgan told you there would be a massive excess silver supply from all the landfill recycling!
Nice find, Rob!
Moral of the story...don't throw away your parent's stuff without opening the box!  Sheesh!

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Rob McCune thought the container looked odd when he retrieved it from a drop box at the Terrace Heights Landfill. Little did the hazardous waste technician know how unusual it would turn out to be.
After removing the locking lid, the 50-year-old McCune found himself staring at several small canvas bags, which he opened only to find shiny bars of silver.
McCune said his initial reaction was to freak out. (over the d-Con lable, or over the find of the silver bars?  The Doc would be freaking out too if he found a bag of silver bars at the dump!)
Somebody had turned in the container, which had a "d-Con" label on the side, believing it held rodent bait.
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