Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Peter Schiff: Today's Fed Announcement Was a Loud & Clear Bell Ringing to Buy Precious Metals

Peter Schiff states that today's European bailout is a major wake up call to buy precious metals.  Thankfully, SD readers do not need to be awakened to their need to seek protection in the safe havens of gold and silver.

Today’s unprecedented announcement by the world’s most powerful central banks was a loud and clear bell ringing to buy precious metals. The move, disguised as an attempt to help the fragile state of the global economy, is in reality a move to prop up failing banks in Europe and the US. By reducing interest rates paid for dollar swaps, central bankers are in effect increasing the quantity of global dollars in circulation. The result? The dollar will weaken, inflation will rise, and gold will soar. Gold was up more than $30 today, and the dollar got crushed.