Monday, November 21, 2011

Is Jefferies Next on The Morgue's Hit List? Firm Issues Press Release Denouncing "False Rumors"

It appears that Jefferies is the next target of the banksters.

While it is likely that Jefferies has significant exposure to Greece/Italy/Spain/ Euro crap debt- so does The Squid, The Morgue, BOA, etc.  Don't think for a minute that this isn't an intentional hit job by the big boys as they need another corpse to feed on to continue their zombie existences for another few months...

Last week, a representative of a hedge fund, who we understand has been spreading false rumors about Jefferies, sent us a letter with a series of questions that for the most part show what we must presume is an intentional misreading of our public filings to try to support these rumors. All these folks seem to be trying to take advantage of the MF Global bankruptcy and the volatile market environment with a view to harming Jefferies and all of us, presumably for personal gain. With the facts and truth on our side, we have responded to all this directly and completely. Fortunately, those who  take the time to understand and truly analyze the facts are reaching the right conclusion. While it may be necessary for us to continue to respond to these ill-conceived attacks, we fortunately can do so on a firm foundation and with confidence in our funding and business model.
Jefferies Letter