Friday, November 11, 2011

Chris Martenson Interviews Turd Ferguson

Chris Martenson has released a 47 minute podcost interview with TFMetals' Turd Ferguson.
Turd discusses just how easy it is to trade precious metals, thanks to predictable cartel behavior.

The excellent interview can be found below:

Believe me, if you looked at my trading account and looked at my success in trading corn, or soybeans, or crude, or something like that: I make choices just as badly as the average guy.  The reason why I am successful in forecasting gold and silver is because they are manipulated.
 Because once you understand that the bullion banks, particularly JPMorgan in silver, are in there trying to stack the deck in their favor, then you use some simple technical analysis.  And you begin to see where they're going to act, where they're going to place some sell orders to try to start cascading waterfall selling by tripping stocks.  It's not real hard.  I mean, its pretty basic stuff.  But once you admit to yourself that if this does take place, it makes forecasting where price is going pretty easy..