Monday, November 21, 2011

Ben Davies: Seeing 2008 Style Crash Signals, ECB Will Go info FULL MONETIZATION

Ben Davies has commented on 2008 style spread ratios and risk of a full-out collapse on European debt:

*If the ECB does not print its way out of the crisis, The FED WILL
*Balance sheet of the Fed is now 50 times levered- it must print or become insolvent

*I cannot be short silver, and I cannot be short gold

I’m talking here about Europe coming in and starting their official program of quantitative and potentially qualitative easing.  Should they (the ECB) not do anything, the Fed will have to step in.  I think they would want to stabilize the threat to the banking system over there in the US.  I think there will be a form of QE coming in the US.
So they are going to have to introduce some financial repression tactics, which just means they will do some money printing.  Now if that happens I cannot be short risk assets, I cannot be short silver and I cannot be short gold.Read more: