Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Subliminal Messaging - Open Thread.

I'm sure you've all heard of subliminal messaging in movies, advertising and even Disney cartoons. I have recently taken extreme re-interest into this phenomenon as it is seemingly becoming more and more prevalent.

Let me just say, it's a little disturbing.

A friend showed me this shocking one a couple days ago on the ATF.GOV site....

If you scroll to the right of the screen, and look at the 3rd white stripe from the bottom of the flag, you will see the word 'SEX.' At first it was hard for me to find, but now that I have seen it, I can spot it zoomed out by 500%. 

Why is SEX written on the American flag on the ATF.gov site??? 

Alex Jones does a pretty good job covering some of the latest ones:

Post some more subliminals you find interesting below, let's see what we can dig up.