Thursday, October 27, 2011

Silver Breaks $34, Next Stop $37?

Live New York Silver Chart [ Kitco Inc. ]*Update- $34.50- flying now!
This is the 2nd vertical move in silver we have seen this week as silver has just vaulted literally straight from $33.55 to $34.12! Blythe may want to think about a finger reduction!
If silver can extend its gains past $34 and hold this level through today's close- watch out, as it will look to fill the gap created by the 2 day smash from $40 to $26.  With the Euro TARP now official, and with QE3 expectations ramping daily, silver suddenly has a fiat fire lit underneath it.
Now you understand why we recommended readers accumulate into price weakness during sell-offs taking silver under $30 over the past several weeks, as those sitting around waiting for silver to collapse to $20 have been left with a pile of fiat, and will now chase silver's breakout, and buy $5-$8 higher than if they had accumulated INTO weakness by RESPONDING to price action rather than trying to PREDICT price action.
Long term investors need to learn to accumulate silver into smashes (STACK THE SMACK) and hold. Period.  If continues to correct, increase the size of your purchase.  This is the ONLY effective way (other than random luck, which is not repeatable) to ensure your largest purchases are near intermediate lows. 
Blindly attempting to pick the bottom will typically result in your fiat remaining in your hands as price reverses and heads higher.

Live New York Silver Chart [ Kitco Inc. ]