Saturday, October 22, 2011

Silver Ballad: Against the Trend

What's a Saturday night without some music and levity?

SilverDoctors' reader Craig has reprised Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band's Against the Wind, entitled:

Against the Trend: A Silver Ballad

It seems like yesterday
It was just a month ago
Blythe was so lovely, like a vampire at night
The lies that she told me "Oh, the price is so low'
I could not escape, no!

The MACD that she moved
Derivatives out of control
Greed caused me to crash
'til there was nothing left to sell, not even the gold

I read all the blogs, read Silver Docs so faithfully
And held all my stops so righteously tight
The cost was so right,
she said profits would never end
Wish I didn't know then what I thought was so right

Against the trend
we were running against the trend
We were young and dumb, we were running
a fool's errand

My friends went slowly broke
I found myself alone
Surrounded by gold bugs I thought were my friends
Only to find they were paper tradin' their homes
Oh, the ETFs struck back
Playing against the smack
I was living to trade and trading to live
Not worried about stacking, even what I had sold
Makin' eight trades a minute for months at a time
Breakin' the rules I swore I'd never
I found myself searching for stacking, again and again

Against the trend
Stacking smack against the trend
I found myself searching for shelter
From the Day of Reckoning

Those fiat days are past me now
I got so much more smack to stack
Blythe is just a faint memory
And time is my friend, looking back
Now time is my friend, yes--My Friend

Against the trend
Don't be tradin' against the trend
You're much wiser now
dont' be tradin' against the trend

Young man do you hear?
Tradin' against the trend
Don't you be tradin' against the trend
See the old men now
Are they trading against the trend?

Watch the old men ride
Watch them buy and hide,
silver to the end
stacking silver against the end,
against the end, against the Day of