Friday, October 21, 2011

Perth Mint SOLD OUT of Silver!

The Perth Mint's Online Bullion Buying is Now Open....however there currently is NO AVAILABLE SILVER FOR SALE outside of Australia.  It appears the Aussies have decided not to exchange their national wealth for fiat greenbacks any longer?

The Perth Mint Bullion Trading

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Bullion Buying is Now Open Trading Open


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Size Perth Mint Sells Perth Mint Buys Volume Breaks Buy Now 
1/2ozUSD 22.51USD 14.74Unavailable
1ozUSD 41.02USD 29.49Unavailable
2ozUSD 77.04USD 58.98Unavailable
5ozUSD 205.10USD 147.44Unavailable
10ozUSD 370.20USD 294.88Unavailable
1kgUSD 1,090.32USD 948.07Unavailable
10kgUSD 12,423.24USD 9,480.69Unavailable

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Bullion Buying is Now Open Trading Open


Size Perth Mint Sells Perth Mint Buys Volume Breaks Buy Now 
10ozUSD 331.20USD 288.80Unavailable
1kgUSD 1,031.32USD 928.52Unavailable

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