Friday, October 14, 2011

JP Morgan Increases Eligible Silver Inventory 97% in 3 Days!

The Morgue sure isn't letting a good silver raid go to waste!  
After adding 509,000 ounces into eligible silver vaults Tuesday, The Morgue added another 594,142 ounces of silver into eligible vaults again on Thursday.

To put this number in perspective, on Monday, JP Morgan held 1,131,458 ounces of silver in eligible vaults. A mere three days later, JP Morgan's physical silver inventory has increased by 97.5% or 1,103,276 ounces to 2,234,734 ounces!


*Brink's had No Changes

*Delaware received a deposit of 65,167 ounces into eligible vaults
*Delaware also had a withdrawal of 982 ounces from eligible vaults

*HSBC had a withdrawal of 253,110 ounces out of eligible vaults

*JP Morgan received a deposit of 594,142 ounces into eligible vaults

*Scotia Mocatta
had a withdrawal of 52,182 ounces out of eligible vaults

Silver Inventories were again unchanged at 30,970,545 ounces
*TOTAL ELIGIBLE COMEX Silver increased to 75,467,473 ounces
*TOTAL COMEX Silver increased to 106,438,018 ounces