Tuesday, October 25, 2011

IRS to Auction of 300 oz of Seized Silver Wednesday

Apparently the IRS doesn't want to hold onto the PHYZZ it illegally seizes from Americans...but would rather churn it back into fiat....
Our Vegas readers may be interested in obtaining the only remaining silver (other than whats required for cruise missiles and other military uses) in US gov't possession- minimum bid to start at 80% of spot.
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Notice of Public Auction Sale
Under the authority in Internal Revenue Code section 6331, the property described below has been seized for nonpayment of internal revenue taxes due from Taxpayer. The property will be sold at public auction as provided by Internal Revenue Code section 6335 and related regulations.

Time:11:00 AM
Sale Location: 110 City Parkway, Las Vegas NV, 89106
Title Offered: Only the right, title and interest of the Taxpayer in and to the property will be offered for sale. If requested, the Internal Revenue Service will furnish information about possible encumbrances, which may be useful in determining the value of the interest being sold.
Description of Property: Quantity of 3 silver bars (.999), weight of 100 ounces each, total weight = 300 ounces.

Quantity of 101 silver pieces (.999), weight of 1 troy ounce each. Troy ounce = 1.09714 ounces. Total weight (101x1.09714) = 110.81 ounces.

Note: The Service will not guarantee the weight or purity of the silver.
Property May Be Inspected at:
One hour before the sale
Minimum Bid: The minimum bid price should be set at 80% of the spot price per troy
Click here for Mail-in Bid Form
Click here for Notice of Encumbrances
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The Terms of Payment: When the high bid is accepted, the highest bidder must deposit 20% of the purchase price with the Property Appraisal & Liquidation Specialist conducting the sale. The balance of the purchase price must be paid in full no later than 10/26/2011
Form of Payment: All payments must be by cash, certified check, cashier's or treasurer's check or by a United States postal, bank, express, or telegraph money order. Make check or money order payable to the United States Treasury.

For additional information about the property and proposed sale, please contact the following office:

Name:Fidel Atencio
Title: Property Appraisal and Liquidation Specialist
Bureau: Internal Revenue Service
Address: 1818 E Southern Ave
MS 5117MES
Mesa, AZ, 85204
Phone: (480) 503-7292
Email: Fidel.N.Atencio@irs.gov

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