Friday, October 28, 2011

COMEX Silver Inventory Update 10/28/2011 Brink's Loses Registered Phyzz

We have 2 deposits and 2 withdrawals (including a REGISTERED withdrawal from Brink's) to report from yesterday's COMEX Silver inventory movements.


*Brink's had a withdrawal of 5,244 ounces out of registered vaults

*The Delaware Depository received a deposit of 1,979 ounces into eligible vaults

*No Changes for The Morgue or HSBC

*Scotia Mocatta had a withdrawal of 98,313 ounces out of eligible vaults
*Scotia also had a small deposit of 10,024 ounces into eligible vaults

*TOTAL COMEX REGISTERED Silver Inventories declined a net 5,244 ounces to 31,588,791 ounces
*TOTAL COMEX ELIGIBLE Silver Inventories declined a net 86,310 ounces to 74,126,297 ounces
*TOTAL COMEX SILVER Inventories declined a net 91,554 ounces to 105,715,088 ounces