Friday, September 23, 2011

Wynter Benton: Silver Takedown Proof of JPM's Silver Derivative Bomb

Wynter Benton's latest states that the 2 day massive smack down of silver is proof positive of the existence of JPM's silver derivative bomb.  The group states that silver will be back over $50 soon, and the next run in silver will detonate the derivatives, as JPM will not be able to stuff silver under $36 again.

Silver went from $39.70 to $35.50 in 12 hours
We can't believe that there are those out there who didnt believe the existence of the derivative bomb. Now you know the truth. We always suspected that if The Morgue somehow reset the $36 level this time around that it would have to be done in this manner. That was why we initially were set to blast silver above $46 this week to get it as far away from $36 as possible. But Uncle Benny (and some behind the scenes antics)made it impossible for us to hold on the last few days to detonate the derivative bombs this time around.

But fear not, now that it has been revealed to many others who are doubtful about the existence of the derivative bomb, you can be sure that when we re-engage silver, we will drive it so far away from $36 that The Morgue will not be able to pull off any more Hail Marys.

As for doubters out there, you can think what you want, we can't help you. But to those who follow us, again rest assured, silver will be over $50 very soon. Either way The Morgue will be dead. da, do da............