Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wynter Benton: G-Pap Informs Merkel Greece Will Default, Less Than 20 Days Till JPM's Derivatives Detonate

The Wynter Benton group's latest states that sources indicate that G-Pap has informed France and Germany that Greece will default in an orderly manner over the next few weeks in exchange for Greece being allowed to remain in the Euro.
WB also states its all over for The Morgue...which we have to agree with after yesterday's public release of the class action suit against JP Morgan for silver price manipulation.

Less than 20 days to go and silver is not below $36
The derivative bomb will go off in less than 20 trading days and silver does not seem like it will be below $36.
According to sources out of Greece, G-Pap has told Merk and Sarko that Greece will default in an orderly ("controlled") manner in return, Merk and Sarko won't force them out of the euro. The announcement of the default will come before the end of September. They needed the Fed's liquidity swaps to smooth things over when Greece announce the default.

As for this week, we are going to run silver like we did when the Fed made their QE2 announcement less year in November. If you recall, AGQ was below 100 on the Wednesday of the announcement and on the following Tuesday, AGQ hit 147 for the intraday high. That sort of run is coming for silver.

And take a look at KWN, it's all over for The Morgue. We told you long ago their JPM had rats and mole deep inside. Now they will be turning state's evidence. da, do da...........

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