Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wikileaks Releases ENTIRE ARCHIVE

Wikileaks has just announced via Twitter that they have publicly released (dumped) their entire cablegate 65 gigabyte archive.
Give the Geeks an hour or two to wade through the data to find out whether Julian ever really had any dirt on Bank of America.
In the unlikely event any significant BOA internal emails are included in the archives, look for BOA to be "rescued" by JP Morgan by 10am EST at the latest.

For those interested in downloading the file dump and beginning to hunt for the proverbial needle in the haystack:

Just released tweet by @WikiLeaks
Full, unencrypted, Cablegate2 archive:
Cut and paste the following URL into a "magnet" compatible Bittorrent download client:
Or for older Bittorrent clients:
The files are compressed with "7zip"( and unpack to 60Gb.
If you have 60Gb or more of web-server space, unpack the material and tweet a link to it, prefixed by #wlmir
IF you downloaded the encrypted file we announced previously, you don't have to download the unencrypted torrent Instead, decrypt the encrypted file, name it cablegate-201108300212.7z and put it into your torrent client's download directory. Then tell your client to add the torrent at and it will be automatically seeded.