Wednesday, September 28, 2011

US Mint SUSPENDS Sales of America the Beautiful 5oz Silver Coins, Uncirculated Silver Eagles Due to Plummeting Prices

Apparently even the US Mint is unwilling to sell silver at COMEX paper pricing.
Can't let be letting the PHYZZ accumulators Stack the Smack now, can we?

The U.S. Mint has temporary suspended the sale of several silver collector coins and sets including the uncirculated American Silver Eagles and the American the Beautiful Five Ounce silver coins.
Plummeting silver prices prompted the Mint to initiate several product suspensions on Monday.

The 2011 American Eagle Silver Uncirculated coin debuted with 184,967 orders between its launch on September 15th and as of September 19th. However, the silver price plummeted on September 26th to $28.16 per ounce.
The pre-suspension price of the one ounce 2011 Uncirculated American Silver Eagles was $60.45. If the Mint chooses to change its product pricing, the new prices will probably be posted in the Federal Register before they go into effect.
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