Thursday, September 29, 2011

Silver Flatware becoming a Target for Theft?

Well the American public might not know the value of silver flatware as evidenced by Doc's wife who picked up some at a community garage sale for 92 cents an ounce here 

Thieves, on the other hand, seem to be catching on to true value. Channel 10 news out of San Diego have had 6 homes since April which have been burglarized with their apparent target.....Silver Flatware!! One resident who requested not to be identified had her house broken into a few days ago and had $30,000 worth of silver flatware stolen. Hey Doc, was that your house?!?

You can check out the article, Silver Flatware Stolen in Coronado Burglaries in its entirety here,

It also may be worthwhile to revisit a past article published on, Where do I store all this Silver?

If you are reading, we would assume you have at least a percentage (high?!) of your assets in physical silver. Which leads to the question, where do I store all this silver? BullRun has come up with some clever ideas on storage that he’d like to share.

I have come across a variety of different methods in going about hiding silver. You have those who put all their physical holdings in one area, such as a safe. Then you have other individuals who use the treasure map (Amazing Race or the movie National Treasure) philosophy. It takes them 5+ hours to locate their own stash in their own house. They locate one hiding location and then have to solve some clue left on a note to remember where the next hiding location is! You also have individuals who store silver in safety deposit boxes (why?!). Lastly, some people chose to store physical silver in 401k accounts and off-site storing facilities.