Saturday, September 17, 2011

Martin Armstrong: Gold & The Future

Martin Armstrong has released his first computer model report on gold since Princeton Economics' last in 1999.

Of note, Armstrong also discusses PAGE (Pan Asia Gold Exchange) and states that the real importance of PAGE is not a better or "more free" gold exchange than COMEX or the LBMA, but that it will allow gold trading in renmimbi- opening the door for indirect currency trading.
In effect, this will allow a free-floating currency without affecting the exchange rate- a black market derivative for the renmimbi if you will.

Plain and simple, ALL tangible assets are a hedge against government (not inflation), yet the primary difference is whether the asset is movable.  Gold is the same asset in all countries and it is known for what it is.
When everything is rising, this is not inflation, but deflation in the purchasing power of the currency.

Gold and the Future
first computer report since 1999
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