Friday, September 9, 2011

JPMorgan Sets 52 Week Low, Wynter Benton States The Morgue Nearing Death Over Silver Losses

Why is it that JPM is currently making new 52-week lows near $32 while the rest of the market and financials are experiencing a slight bounce? Will we see The Morgue in the $20's as soon as next week?

Wynter Benton's latest message this morning points out that JPM is making new 52 week lows yet we are not seeing new lows in the DOW, NASDAQ, S&P, or even in Bank of America (although BAC is back below $7 again).

Could it be the SILVER DEATH RATTLE?

Why is the mighty Morgue about to make a 52 week low?
Not even that POS BAC is close to the 52 week low, nor are the Dow, S&P, or the NAZ close to the 52 week low. So why is The Morgue about to go below $32? What will happen this weekend that might send The Morgue below $30 next week and perhaps into the teens by earnings date? Whatever can it be?

Yet some here still doubt that the Morgue will da, do da..........

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