Tuesday, September 6, 2011

COMEX Silver Inventory Update 9/6/2011

Not much movement to report from Friday's COMEX silver inventory action, with most of our readers likely stacking more phyzz on Friday than changed hands in official COMEX vaults.


*No changes for Brink's, The Delaware Depository, HSBC, or JP Morgan.
0's all the day down.
Apparently the banksters caught the Thursday night red eye to The Hamptons ahead of the holiday weekend.

*Scotia Mocotta had a single adjustment of 11 ounces (yup, we're talking less than $500 worth of silver) into eligible vaults.  Not sure where it came from as there were no changes to Scotia Mocotta's registered supplies.

*Total Registered COMEX Silver Inventories are unchanged at 32,078,666 ounces
*Total Eligible COMEX Silver Inventories increased a massive (sarcasm) 11 ounces to 70,812,592
*Total COMEX Silver Inventories increased to 102,891,258 ounces.