Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why Silver is About to Go Nuclear

All the so called silver bugs who have been inundating us for the past 7 days with emails and comments whining about why silver is being capped by the cartel and not instantly vaulting to $10 Trillion/oz need to read the latest from Ranting Andy on why Silver is About to Go Nuclear.
Hat tip to reader Joe on alerting us to his excellent spot-on commentary.

Silver has been even more maniacally controlled this week (than gold) in a desperation effort to keep gold at bay (hoping the moronic press will once again trot out the tired old "silver is an industrial metal" line to explain its underperformance).
But man is it setting up for something crazy, as in BIBLICAL, as in gold will be forgotten, as in EVERYTHING will be forgotten once the awesome power of the coming silver price explosion occurs, which I believe will ignite when the $50/oz level is again overtaken later this fall.

Silver has just as long and distinguished, of a monetary history than gold, is more rare, is much cheaper, and is nearly entirely produced as a by-product from other types of mines, making it far more price inelastic than gold.
JP Morgan is about to lose control of this market, and the explosion that will occur will put gold, and probably every other asset class in history, to shame.
The END GAME IS NOW, and as noted many times recently, you are RUNNING OUT OF TIME to PROTECT YOURSELF from the ONCOMING HYPERINFLATION!

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