Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stay Away From The SLV ETF

While I would assume most of SilverDoctors.com's readers do not take part in the paper silver stuff, besides a small % tied up in precious metal miners, I found the quote out of SLV's prospectus detailed below very alarming.

A portion of the SLV prospectus is what is in question. The prospectus reads,

"The amount of silver represented by the shares will decrease over the life of the trust due to the sales necessary to pay the sponsor's fee and trust expenses. Without increases in the price of silver sufficient to compensate for that decrease, the price of the Shares will also decline and you will lose money on your investment in Shares.

Although the sponsor has agreed to assume all organizational and certain ordinary administrative and marketing expenses incurred by the trust, not all trust expenses have been assumed by the sponsor. For example, any taxes and other governmental charges that may be imposed on the trust's property will be not be paid by the sponsor. As part of its agreement to assume some of the trust's ordinary administrative expenses, the sponsor has agreed to pay legal fees and expenses of the trust not in excess of $100,000 per annum. Any legal fees and expenses in excess of that amount will be the responsibility of the trust.

Because the trust does not have any income, it needs to sell silver to cover the sponsor's fee and expenses not assumed by the sponsor. The trust may also be subject to other liabilities (for example, as a result of litigation) which have also not been assumed by the sponsor. The only source of funds to cover those liabilities will be sales of silver held by the trust. Even if there are no expenses other than those assumed by the sponsor, and there are no other liabilities of the trust, the trustee will still need to sell silver to pay the sponsor's fee. The result of these sales is a decrease in the amount of silver represented by each Share. New deposits of silver, received in exchange for new Shares issued by the trust, do not reverse this trend."

No additional commentary necessary!

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