Saturday, August 27, 2011

Silver Shield's FINAL WARNING to Buy Physical Silver

Our friend's at Don't Tread On Me have issued a FINAL WARNING to buy PHYSICAL SILVER. Silver Shield believes that NOW is the last great opportunity to purchase physical silver, and that this fall, silver will become UNATTAINABLE.
Got Phyzz?

I believe that we are on the knife’s edge of a major shift that will make silver untouchable if you do not secure your metal right now.
The end of this month marks a seasonal shift for silver investors and the end of the “sell in May and go way.” With the expiration of the CRIMEX contract today and with Bernanke’s possible announcement of QE3 tomorrow, this could be that last, best time in your life to buy physical silver. If you look at this 37 year seasonal chart for silver you can see that the last week of September is the beginning of a very strong seasonal move in silver that should take us into another strong run all the way into February. If we get something similar like we did last year and it runs until May, we could see $100 silver early next year.
I do not believe we will see $100 silver, because of the massive fraud in the metal suppression business will make silver unattainable.