Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Silver Breakout from 30 Year Head and Shoulders Base Formation Imminent!

Stewart Thomson has charted a 30 year base pattern (inverse head and shoulder) in silver, which he believes is the LARGEST BASE PATTERN IN THE HISTORY OF MARKETS.
Thomson is responding by buying silver every .10 down! Every fiat dime!
As gold and silver go parabolic, Thomson is looking for $200 daily up moves in gold, and $5 daily up moves in silver!

In the words of Jim Sinclair..... THIS IS IT!

I believe silver has a head and shoulders base pattern on it that is 30 years in size, and a break-out is imminent. That’s why I’m buying silver every 10 cents down. Not here or there. Every 10 cents down. I’m not looking for “strategic entry points”; I’m mauling the market with buys.

How high can a 30 year head and shoulders base pattern propel the price of silver? I don’t know, but this price pattern is arguably the largest base pattern in the history of markets, and the question is, are you onside?

The bottom line is that the big picture is going out of control and ushering in the gold parabola zone.
I expect gold to rise by an average of $100-$200 per day, silver by $3-$5 per day, and GDX by $5 per day, as the OTC derivatives–loaded US T-bond market implodes, in the greatest financial fireball in the history of markets.
The stratospheric price point implications of the base pattern in silver are a direct indication of the size of the interest rate OTC derivatives horror. The bond market is not a safe haven. It’s a time bomb, and the banksters are making their way towards it now, with fuses and lighters. Are you sure you want to play gold top caller here?


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